• CareWorks' ARV Management Programme is proof that there’s hope and effective treatment services. Our treatment, care and support strategy, realised through CareWorks Treatment Management Programme, has been nothing but a success. From all of us at the Council, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the team at CareWorks. 

    - Ngoako Bopape, Chief Benefits Officer, NBCRFLI (National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight and Logistics Industry)
  • Since 2008, CareWorks has partnered with us in rolling out a strong and successful Workplace Peer Educator Programme as well as a comprehensive HIV testing schedule. CareWorks embodies the sentiment expressed in their name – that care really does work – and have thereby earned the trust and respect of our employees. As a result, our entire workforce has embraced our HIV Workplace Programme; a key factor in its effectiveness. CareWorks continues to provide us with solid support and comprehensive reporting, both of which are essential if we are to manage the impact of HIV on our company.

    - Grant Daly, CEO, Hillary Construction

    Group Five has worked with CareWorks since early 2009. In this time we have tested almost 9 000 Group Five employees, all the while ensuring that all are educated on HIV and those who are HIV positive are given the support they need to stay healthy and productive. Responsible management means understanding the impact of HIV at Group Five. CareWorks supports this by providing accurate and thorough monthly HIV reports on a national scale.

    - Isabella Makuta, HR, Group Five

    When Bophelong realised that we needed to take responsibility for HIV seriously, we looked for a service provider who would care as much about our employees as we do.  In 2007 we found that partner in CareWorks, and joined forces to offer free HIV testing to our employees.  Later we developed a Workplace Peer Educator Programme and started providing free ARV treatment to HIV positive staff.  All three initiatives have had a hugely beneficial impact on the wellbeing of our staff.  I am very impressed with CareWorks and the service they have offered Bophelong employees.

    - James Popper, CEO, Bophelong Construction