Workplace Programme

CareWorks provides comprehensive solutions to your HIV needs. All of our programmes are well
integrated but can also be provided on a “stand-alone” basis.

The CareWorks’ Workplace Programme aims to prevent new infections, manage existing infections and combat stigma. We provide a comprehensive range of services including management briefings, policy development, KAP surveys, VCT, ACT™ and Workplace Peer Educator Programmes. All the work that we do is objective driven with detailed reporting and statistical analysis of results.

CareWorks provides comprehensive solutions to your HIV needs.  All of our programmes are well
integrated but can also be provided on a “stand-alone” basis.

Two of our flagship Workplace Programme products are:

Workplace Peer Education Programme (WPE)

Peer Educators can be important communication and facilitation agents supporting the company’s wellness strategy. Their role is to constantly and consistently spread HIV-related information and support their colleagues in understanding and accessing the HIV programme. All Peer Educators throughout the group should operate under a single set of guidelines, with uniform knowledge and skill sets to promote prevention strategies as well as improving VCT uptake, treatment registration and adherence of HIV positive staff.

Most WPE programmes fail due to a lack of support for the WPEs following the training.
CareWorks’ WPE programme involves enrolling, training and regularly managing WPEs (through monthly group sessions and telephonic support). Reporting on the outcomes and findings of the WPE programme provides a key management tool. CareWorks is continuously implementing successful WPE programmes in the mining, construction and civil engineering industries.

Awareness-to-Action Training, Counselling and Testing (ACT™)

CareWorks’ ACT™ Programme provides training, counselling and (voluntary) testing in a 4½ hour session on site in groups of approximately 25 people. CareWorks has provided ACT™ to over       100 000 people in the workplace with an average of 85% of participants trained electing to undergo voluntary testing and counselling.

Valuable HIV infection data is also provided to the Employer in categories such as age, job, site etc. to enable future planning. All those testing HIV Positive are supported through ongoing counselling and referral into available treatment programmes.

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