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The CareWorks Treatment Programme is available to Members of Medical Aids or Employees of Companies who have contracted with CareWorks to provide service.

Discovering that you are HIV Positive is very often a frightening and bewildering process. The CareWorks Treatment Programme can help you make sense of the disease as well as your status.
We guarantee:
  • Personal attention and care from trained counsellors at our care centre.
  • Ongoing support for you and your family.
  • A nationwide network, so we can find you a doctor close to where you live or work.
  • The best advice and supervision from top HIV specialists.
  • Absolute confidentiality from all people involved.

Our Treatment Programme consists of “the Bridge” (which assists HIV Positive clients to understand and accept their status) and Disease Management (counselling, pathology and ARVs). The Bridge integrates seamlessly with CareWorks’ Disease Management but both the Bridge and the Disease Management can also be provided as stand alone products.


When you know you are HIV positive, it is important that you enrol on a Treatment Programme. 

Our Bridge Counsellors are there to assist you in:

  • coming to terms with your HIV status;
  • understanding the way forward;
  • answering any questions you might have;
  • explaining important issues like your rights and responsibilities.

We will also assist you in advancing onto Disease Management (whether it be through
CareWorks, another Managed Care Organisation, or the state).

Disease Management

Once you understand your status, the next most important thing is to know the “fighting strength” of your body (your immune system). A blood test is necessary to measure the CD4 count. Measuring the CD4 count every six months will help you know how long it will be before you need to start ARVs.

The benefits of registering with the CareWorks HIV Treatment Programme:

  • There is NO EXTRA COST to you.
  • Your HIV status and all your information is kept strictly CONFIDENTIAL.
  • All your visits to your doctor and blood tests, related to the disease, are PAID FOR.
  • The cost of your medication for the disease is PAID FOR.
  • We assist you with accessing and DELIVERY of your medication.
  • We have a panel of HIV specialists who will ensure you receive the most EFFECTIVE treatment.
  • Our experienced COUNSELLORS will support and educate you and your family about HIV.
  • We refer other RELATED DISEASES, e.g. TB, STIs, etc., for appropriate treatment.
  • We monitor and treat you during PREGNANCY to reduce the risk of your baby being born HIV positive.
  • We will help you access emergency preventative ARV treatment in cases of accidental exposure through rape, accident or assault; called Post Exposure Prophylaxis.

How to Register

If you qualify for the CareWorks Treatment Programme, here are the basic steps to follow:


Call the CareWorks care centre on 0860 10 11 10 (during office hours) for any assistance.


We will find a doctor for you close to where you are and even arrange an appointment for you.
The GP will examine you and assist you with completing our enrolment form.


Undergo some blood tests to show the strength of your immune system (arranged with your GP).


Confidential telephonic counselling with a CareWorks Counsellor. If your immune system is still
strong, ongoing counselling support and pathology testing.


When you need to start ARV treatment, we will get a prescription from your GP.


The medication will be confidentially delivered to a post office of your choice.


Ongoing confidential telephonic counselling with a CareWorks Counsellor. 

If you are unsure of anything relating to your HIV care, please contact our

Care Centre during office hours: 0860 10 11 10