InterACTive™ KAPture™ Tool

CareWorks’ technology transforms VCT 

CareWorks has developed the InterACTive™ KAPture™ Tool to automate, regulate and record activities conducted in the field.

It consists of two mobile field components, namely:
  • The InterACTive™ Tool
  • The KAPture™ Tool
    as well as a Central Database and back-office system.

Both field components are driven off a single laptop using proprietary software with all data collected and stored against a biometric record.

The use of artificial intelligence, scanning and VOIP enables immediate follow-up, accurate reporting and a better understanding of the people and the environment within which we are working.

The thinking in the box:

The KAPture™ Tool

The KAPture™ Tool is a training and communication tool designed to educate and survey participants on a chosen subject matter (in this case HIV/AIDS). 

Each kit contains eight Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP) phones which can be expanded to any multiple of (eight) phones by linking additional KAPture ™ boxes in parallel. Any number of 
participants are able to participate, simultaneously, at different speeds and in different languages.  
A participant registers by scanning their right index finger which in turn activates the phone. After having selected their language of choice (any number of languages is possible), they undergo training followed by multiple-choice type questions.  
Having pressed the key corresponding to their answer, they are informed if their answer is right or wrong (for knowledge-based questions) or thanked for their input (for attitude and practices–based answers).  
Participants can quit the process at any time, and upon reregistering by scanning their right index finger, the programme will pick up where they left off.

The InterACTive™ Tool

The InterACTive™ Tool is an administrative point-of-care tool designed to digitally capture all important data as well as images during the testing phase of voluntary counselling and testing. 

Whilst managing the critical process flow, it also ensures that all administrative and quality assurance procedures are adhered to and recorded.  It digitally stores a colour image of the actual test at the time of reading which enables subsequent viewing of an accurate image of the test where necessary.  All testing results and recorded demographics are stored against the participant’s finger print.

The InterACTive™ KAPture™ Tools are housed in sturdy aluminum flight cases and designed for easy use in the field. 


Auditable:  The InterACTive™ Tool makes programme audits simple.  All data, including an image of the test conducted, is linked to a fingerprint and stored as a record.  Donors can be certain how funds are being spent.

Quality Assured:  Critical elements of VCT quality assurance, including pathology, user competency and quality of counselling are managed through the InterACTive™ Tool.

Reporting:  Reporting becomes that much easier with all the data already available in electronic format as well as standardised reports.

Error Reporting:  Data incorrectly captured or changed generates an   error report to facilitate management and retraining of staff where necessary.

Data Integrity & Accuracy: Artificial Intelligence, with numerous checks and balances, ensures that data is correctly captured.

Process Flow:  The InterACTive™ Tool is simple to use and prompts the user to follow a logical sequence, and will not allow vital steps to be skipped.

Follow up:  All data, including details of clients testing HIV Positive, is readily available literally within minutes of the end of the session.  This enables real time follow-up and registration onto treatment programmes.

Personalised Counselling:  Focused   counselling can be conducted on  areas where poor knowledge or risk behaviour is reflected during the KAPture™ Tool survey.

Assessments:  Participants can also provide feedback through the KAPture™ Tool on the quality of service they have received.

Updatable:  New sound clips with additional questions or training material can be uploaded via the internet.

Secure & Confidential:  State-of-the-art security ensures data security whilst participants can remain anonymous at all times.

Research:  Survey data and testing results are linked by biometrics in one file.  This creates the ability to conduct cumulative, longitudinal studies.

Other Users Who Would Benefit

Donors (who would like to know how their money is being spent and would like to have the benefit of targeted research)

Service Providers (who would like to use a system with high quality assurance and logical process flow)

Companies (who run their own VCT programmes, KAP surveys or Peer Educator Programmes)

Governments (who would like to standardise their VCT clinics and data management)

Research Organisations (who would like to conduct surveys and research)

Training Organisations (who conduct distance training and training assessments)

Independent Evaluation

SEAD Consulting:

"SEAD Consulting has extensive experience evaluating the quality assurance and performance of VCT programmes in both the public- and private sectors.  A recent CareWorks review was conducted to assess the enhancements made to the CareWorks VCT process. 

There is no doubt that CareWorks has developed a model system/process, with both manual and IT-based oversight, that has a level of quality assurance which is of an exceedingly high standard, and far beyond what is found as a norm in the industry.”

Dr Tim Tucker

M.B.Ch.B. – Ph.D. – F.C.Path.(SA)Viro

Managing Director of Strategic Evaluation, Advisory and Development Consulting (SEAD)

Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria:

The InterACTive™ KAPture™ System was nominated as one of five finalists in the 2011 GBC Awards for Business Action on Health, in the Technology for Health category.


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