HIV Management Overview

CareWorks HIV Management, established in 2004, is a South African healthcare company. We focus primarily on managing HIV/AIDS in the workplace and treating HIV-positive people on behalf of employers and medical insurers. Our multi-disciplinary team delivers creative and flexible solutions to the multi-faceted problem HIV poses, both in the workplace and the wider community.

Our guiding mission is to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS effectively:

  • by ensuring that those who test HIV-negative remain negative;
  • by keeping those who test HIV-positive healthy and productive for as long as possible; and
  • by positively influencing attitudes to breakdown stigma surrounding the disease.

CareWorks is a business dedicated to delivering sustainable HIV solutions; motivated by the desire to make a tangible difference in the fight against the pandemic. We strive to live up to our name at all times. When dealing with issues as intimate as sexuality, wellness, illness and even death, there is no doubt that Care Works. We encourage you to hold us accountable to this promise!

CareWorks unique approach

CareWorks approach to workplace-based HIV programmes is based on a number of key principles:

  • We are dealing with individuals, each of whom needs to be shown respect and given the opportunity to consider their personal circumstances;
  • Knowledge of HIV status is an essential element of both prevention and treatment programmes;
  • Being proactive is better than being passive;
  • Immediate, appropriate, understandable and accessible information is always better;
  • People relate to their own personal stories as metaphors for future actions;
  • It is appropriate that an employer should ensure that his employees are adequately trained; this includes essential life-skills training.  In the case of HIV, to be effective, training has to alter behaviour patterns formed over lifetimes.

This means being prepared to constantly challenge existing concepts and procedures.

CareWorks core products:

Workplace Programme
Corporate HIV Management Programmes aimed at keeping HIV negative employees negative and HIV positive employees productive, healthy and happy for as long as possible. The programmes include training, counselling and testing as well policy formulation, senior management training, KAP surveys and communications strategies.

Treatment Programme
Designed to provide excellent and accessible HIV positive Patient Management using state-of the-art technology and expertise, CareWorks Treatment Programme delivers drug and therapy management, pathology monitoring, counselling and extensive administrative support and reporting.

InterACTiveTM KAPtureTM Tool
A proprietary mobile, IT-based system developed to automate, regulate and record activities conducted in the field.